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Skaterfest 2010
Skater on NBC
New 482 SS Debut in Key West
Building A Skater Powerboat
186MPH Skater w/Chief Engines
36′ Skater LOTO Shootout
Full Throttle – Skater
Chief Engines – Performance Test
179MPH Skater – Speed Test
Chief Engines – Custom Engines
388 Twin Turbo Skater Powerboat
A Skater is the Last Powerboat You'll Ever Need to Own

Skater Nation is the official factory, certified dealership and warranty service center for Skater Powerboats of Douglas Marine. In collaboration with Peter Hledin's 35+ years of successful Skater Powerboat designs, Tommy 'Chief' Hoffstetter, has transformed his award-winning, Hi-Performance facility into an exclusive showroom & service shop to usher in a new generation of Skaters for powerboaters who require nothing but the best.

The new 'SS' Skater powerboats represent an evolution of technical knowledge, precision design and passion to build the finest performance powerboat available in the 21st Century.

Skater Nation also offers full specialized warranty service and mechanical customization for all other brands of Hi-Performance powerboats.